Starting With The Basics
The top search engines look at two main items for ranking a website, content and link popularity. There are many other smaller factors involved in ranking well, however, these are the top two items.

The number one biggest item that the search engines look for when judging content is the title of each webpage. Each webpage of your site needs to have a different title. Do not use your company name for all of your titles. The search engines will also weight the words that are closest to the top of your webpage the highest. So, make sure the keyword phrase that you are going for is located toward the top (and in the title). Other things you can do for content is use header tags, bold, underline, and numbered lists with your keyword phrase.

Link Popularity
Now, that the content is at a reasonable level, you will need to start getting links that point to your site. The trick to this is getting links that have your keyword phrase in the text of the link itself. You could spend months building your links, one by one. Requesting link trades, hoping the webmaster responds to you. You could purchase expensive links from high end sites, costing $200 or more per month. Or, you could use our service and within 10 minutes have all the links you need to shoot you straight to the top (depending on the competitiveness of your keyword phrase, we recommend 3 words in your keyword phrase. Example: Arizona Golf Balls). We are proud to offer this service for $24.95 per month.

How It Works
Link Building Direct has setup a network of "volunteer websites" that volunteer to place a full directory that is controlled by Link Building Direct on their webserver. Because these webmasters volunteer to do this, they are included on the network for free. The Link Building Direct system software checks each website every week to make sure that the directory still exists and has a valid link from the home page of the site. If the system finds that the directory has been taken down, that website's links are removed completely from the Link Building Direct network.

For those website owners that do not wish to put the directory on their site, but would like to be included on the network, there is a paid subscription service. With the paid subscription, the website owner benefits from over 400 one-way links from all the members of the Link Building Direct network. This subscription is $24.95 per month. This is an excellent value as most links cost $25 per month PER LINK (remember you are receiving 400 backlinks). Think about how much your time is worth and how much of it you will save.

Click here to subscribe now.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a volunteer member the process is outlined below.

The system is setup in three easy steps.
  1. Provide your website name and the code base/platform you are using. Are you using ASP/Windows or are you using PHP/Linux/Unix?
  2. Create a link off of your home page. Anywhere is fine, at the bottom is recommend. Then, upload a file that we will provide to you.
  3. Register your site on our network, so your link will propogate throughout all the websites that have registered before you.
Click here to become a volunteer member.

This is the point that you will start to rank better on the major search engines. We recommend tracking your progress at You will be amazed at how fast you will climb the ranks (depending on the competitiveness of your keyword phrase).

FACT: 85% of all websites have fewer than 10 links pointed to their site.

Need Backlinks? - More and more, the search engines are placing more weight on links that are pointing to your website. It's important for the link text to be the keyword phrases that you would like to be ranked the highest. Our link building network will allow you to choose up to 3 different linking text phrases.

Tired of Exchanging Links? - Most webmasters spend countless hours a month exchanging links with other webmasters. The problem with this is that you are trusting other webmasters that they will keep your link up. Also, this is a time consuming process. Our service can be setup in under 10 minutes.

Looking For Better Rankings? - According to the top search engine optimization experts, the number of links that point to your website is directly related to how well you will rank on the search engines. Getting these links have been the hard part, until now.

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