Benefits of ət xalın müalicəsi

The primary advantage of ət xalın müalicəsi is that it’s noninvasive. Because there’s no cutting or burning of the skin, the danger of infection is significantly reduced.
Lasers also are ready to reach areas of the body like the face or nose which will be difficult to treat using other methods. Lastly, multiple moles are often treated during one session.
Results are acceptable even for those that wish to get rid of ət xalın müalicəsi on visible parts of the body like on the face or within the neck area.

Erbium ət xalın müalicəsi technology was developed within the mid to late 1990s, and represents the last word system of development of ablative laser and remains the gold standard in terms of the removal of moles, skin cysts, bumps, lumps and rejuvenation of the face.

The results are amazing because in 95% of cases there’s no scars, while the remaining 5% almost have imperceptible scars. the method is extremely fast and is administered under alittle amount of local anaesthetic , and sometimes without.

Thanks to this innovative laser, an enormous breakthrough was achieved from traditional methods to get rid of moles that followed the seams, frequent bandaging wounds and longer recovery.

Our dermatological team is comprised of educated and experienced experts, i.e. doctors who skills to differentiate between benign and malign moles and formations.

In Bagatin Clinic the ət xalın müalicəsi refers only to benign oval and round changes above skin level.

If you noticed any changes on your skin like benign moles, warts, xanthelasma, delight or fibroma then you’re a candidate for this procedure. As for the ət xalın müalicəsi , benign moles that are above surface of the skin, are color of the skin and are without hair are ideal for laser removal.

In Bagatin Clinic the laser ət xalın müalicəsi refers only to benign oval and round changes above skin level.

The dark ones with a flat bristle are less preferred for the treatment, because they typically have deeper roots. But also they will be treated by laser, often with a high degree of success and good results.

However, there’s a greater chance of partial or complete return of moles and therefore the need for extra laser treatment after a specified period. If unsure , we propose you visit our dermatologists and surgeons who will advise you what’s better for you – laser treatment or surgical removal.

Once you’ve got finished the treatment, take care to not expose your skin to the ultraviolet of the sun. lookout of the treated area until the colour is adequate to the colour of the remainder of the skin. If possible, avoid using serious cosmetics on the skin because it can cause a burning sensation.

Care after the procedure is comparatively simple. Clients are recommended to use certain cream everyday on the treated area, while the patch is typically used during the primary day then only in the dark for subsequent few days. It takes approximately 5-7 days for recovery of face, while the changes within the body take a touch longer, 10 to 16 days. Recovery is extremely almost like the healing of scars: within the beginning it’s sort of a wound, and heels every week after when pink color occurs, then over the approaching months equated with the colour of the skin. Makeup are often applied to the ət xalın müalicəsi area every week after the procedure. it’s vital that the treated area isn’t exposed to the sun the primary three months.

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